The Beauty of Age

The Inspiration…

After my mom died battling breast cancer at the age of 57, I’ve had many moments of clarity about life. One of them has been that I am now more grateful than ever for my body, the changes that come with age are beautiful. Those laugh lines, they shine as evidence of a life well lived.

While I will never be able to see my mom’s white hair again, I have photographs to cherish. Her sister died only a few years before her at the age of 53 battling another form of cancer. Both women were my first photography fans. I photographed them in film when I was first learning.

I won’t ever get to see my mom’s smile lines at 80-years old, and I want to capture that in others brave enough to share their beauty in age. The project goal is to have 50 portraits representing each year between 50-100. The plan is to complete this project in 2020. The end result is open-ended. I’m leaning into the idea to just go with inspiration and see where it leads.

Would you like to participate? I’d love to add your portrait to the project. But, first, let me fill you in on all the details: First, your portrait will be shown to the public. The exact nature of sharing this is yet to be planned, and will most likely have an online and printed format. Second, you will need to travel to West Seattle for your portrait session. Third, you must not have had any plastic surgery – the vision for the project is to celebrate each laugh line!

Participation Questions and Attempted Answers:

Q: Will my photo be published?

A: At some point when this project is completed yes, the project results are still being envisioned. This project aims to celebrate the age of beauty, and we don’t know yet if it will just live online, or in printed books. What we do know is that Holli will put on a celebration show to showcase the project in person</P

Q: Will I have to dress up?

A: Not unless you want to do so. The portraits will be focused on your upper body, not a full length photograph, so as long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters.

Q: Where will the portraits be taken?

A: Holli will arrange a studio space to use for this project in the West Seattle area.

Q: When can I see my portrait?

A: Holli will capture a digital preview during your portrait session that you can view directly after your session. The printing process takes time and will be revealed more slowly, first shared with you via email and the project page.

Q: When will the project be completed?

A: The final portraits for the project will happen by December 2019 in order to organize a show in 2020.

Whew! After reading through all those details and find yourself still interested to participate? (Currently we have 25 of the 50 portraits completed as of 1/19/21) Please register below:

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