Seattle Photographers Headshot Swap

In the Seattle area there are literally hundreds of photographers. It can feel a bit competitive. And among them, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a handful that feel more like kindred spirits than competitors. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting another one.

Melanie of Rio Jean Photography met up with me at the Olympic Sculpture Park for a Head Shot Swap. We met online through a Seattle Photographers group and within minutes of meeting in person for the first time, we bonded quickly over photographing each other.

As I was photographing her, guiding her to different expressions, it was clear that not smiling is a challenge for her. And, her smile lights up the world around her.

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 1 (1)

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 2 (1)

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 5 (1)

Her sweet little girl came along for the fun, so I had to snap a quick shot of them together too.

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 3 (1)

It’s funny how nervous you can get once you step in front of the camera. Melanie is a warm, bubbly person who put my nerves at ease as she helped me pose for the camera.

I’m so thrilled with her work that I think these are my very favorite portraits of me! Please do take a peek at her side of the story and my new head shots at Rio Jean Photography.