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Woodland Wedding Portaits

Woodland Wedding Portrait
©holliwtihani A purple porch swing was one of many fun locations at the Village Green Nursery (special events and classes location).
VGNWedHolliMargell 4
©holliwtihani A woodshed and Bee Hives couldn’t distract from the love these two have!
VGNWedHolliMargell 5
VGNWedHolliMargell 7
©holliwtihani A glowing bride in the deeper part of the woods. This is one of my personal favorites.
VGNWedHolliMargell 13
©holliwtihani A dance in the woods!
VGNWedHolliMargell 15
VGNWedHolliMargell 16
©holliwtihani Love Birds!
VGNWedHolliMargell 20
©holliwtihani A pleasure to capture this couple!

Photographing this couple in the Woodland scenery was one of my all time favorite portrait sessions. They were such a pleasure to work with and clearly adore each other!

I have had the pleasure of doing a handful of portrait sessions at the Village Green Perennial Nursery this past year, and can honestly say, it’s a hidden gem! You can check out their website at Village Green Perennial Nursery for info on special events, classes and more.