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Recipe: Carrot Basil Soup

Basil Carrot Soup with Zucchini

I love the smell of Basil. And, Carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. These are the two reasons for creating this soup recipe.  It works as a great base to add complimentary vegetables, and if you chose to add fat and protein, all you need to do is add some Ghee, Butter, Chicken or Beef stock. From start to finish, it takes about 30 minutes or a little longer when you add extras. I chose to add Zucchini to my last batch, and it was so yummy!

Basil Carrot Soup Recipe


– 3 Cups chopped Carrots (about 6-8 Carrots)

– 3 Cups Water

– 1/2 Teaspoon Dried Thyme

– 1/4 Teaspoon Dried Oregano

– 1 Tablespoon Freshly Diced Basil

– 1 Teaspoon Salt plus more to taste

Wash, peel and chop Carrots into 1/2 inch rounds, and place in a sauce pan to boil with 2 cups water. Once the Carrots are soft enough to puncture with a fork (about 5-10min), let cool for 5 minutes. Add to a Blender with residual Water, and add one additional cup of Water before blending on High for about 2 min. Depending on you blender, you may need to use a wooden spoon or spatula to mix the Carrots and blend to create a smooth texture. Once you get it to your liking, return the mixture to your sauce pan or pot, turning the heat onto a Medium-High setting. Add Salt and Herbs and let simmer until you are ready to eat. Enjoy with homemade, fresh Bread or Crackers!

The recipe yields 2 large bowls or 4 small bowls of soup. You can easily multiply the ingredients to make a larger batch.

This is a great recipe for experimenting – let me know what delicious variation you discover!

p.s. I have successfully added left over rice for more substance, and frozen Peas to cool it down quickly for eating.

p.s.s. I love this recipe enough that I also shared it on The Healthy Home Economist’s Monday Mania Recipe/Food round up.

Recipe: Quick and Easy Zuchinni Soup

Zucchini Soup

These Spring days in Seattle inspire me to eat soup. We have small doses of sunshine, then evenings of rain and a chilly wind. The problem is that I don’t like buying canned soup or pre-made soup.

Why? Well, I have my Grandmother to thank. I spent a lot of time with her after she had Triple By-pass Heart surgery. No, soup was not to blame, but it became very clear that she needed to change her eating habits and avoid Sodium (her cupboards were full of canned soup). Most mass produced soup is loaded with Sodium, whether Organic or not.  I know there are low-Sodium options out there now. But, another reason why I want to make my own soup is because I want to know what all the ingredients are. Often soup labels simply say “spices” without listing what they are, not to mention some preservatives that I cannot pronounce. Okay, getting off my podium and moving onto the recipe…

Quick and Easy Zucchini Soup

This soup takes 20-30 minutes to make from start to finish – literally serving it up to eat. Most soups made from scratch take at least an hour or longer for the flavors to blend together.  That is why this recipe was created. I love soup, but don’t always have 2 hours to wait for it to be yummy. The best thing about it is that you can create a vegan version and simply add Olive Oil when you serve it up, or use Ghee as a vegetarian option or good old Chicken or Turkey Stock.


– 4 Small or 2 Medium Zucchini (Enough to yield 4 cups Finely Grated)

– 6 Cups Water

– 1/2 Teaspoon Dried Thyme

– 1 Teaspoon Salt

– One clove Garlic

– 2 Table Spoons Ghee /Butter/Poultry Stock/Poultry Drippings (the yummy goop you get at the bottom of a baking dish from Chicken or Turkey)

Fill soup pot with water, add Salt and Thyme and turn the burner onto a High temperature. Finely grate Zucchini and add to the pot, cut Garlic clove in half (if you want to fish it out and avoid eating it) or dice it up fine. Once the water warms up, add your choice of fat (Ghee/Butter/etc). Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce to a Medium temperature for about 10 minutes. Soup is ready as soon as the Zucchini looks less bright green in color. Add additional salt to taste – this will vary depending on what else you serve with it. Serve with some cheese bread, or home made crackers sprinkled on top.

Zucchini Soup with rice and home made mini crackers!

This soup is very flexible – you can add more things to it depending on what you have on hand. We’ve enjoyed adding about a cup of left over rice, some True Cod or Turkey and diced Carrots.

Let me know how you like it or what modifications you create!

p.s. Our 2-year-old loves this soup, but our 4-year-old refuses to eat any kind of soup.

Remedy Recipe Review: Mung Bean and Kelp Soup

Dried Kelp

The Traditional Chinese Mung Bean Soup is actually a desert item used to cool folks in the summer.  I learned about this from the Chinese Herbalist we have been seeing for our daughter. She recommended it to me during this past illness – I was a little hesitant to try it, but pleasantly surprised by both the taste and affect it had on me. It felt great smoothly going down my sore throat.  It was even better than Chicken Soup! Don’t get me wrong. They are two totally different soups with opposite flavors. But, both have their place in helping me feel better.

Remedy: Mung Beans are supposed to help with edema, and removing toxins ingested from plants or minerals. It is traditionally used as a summer soup to cool the body, and eaten cold. Kelp is a natural source of Iodine and helps to reduce swollen glands.  As with any remedy, I was told to use this in balance – so not the only thing I am eating. It was also explained to me that Kelp varies in Iodine content so if you have Thyroid issues, this is probably a home remedy you need to talk with your doctor about using.


Mung Bean Kelp Soup

Soaked and ready: Mung Beans and Kelp

– 1/2 Cup Dried Mung Beans

– 2 inch Piece Dried Kelp

– About 4 Cups Soaking Water

– 6 Cups Cooking Water

– Brown Sugar to Taste

– Salt to Taste

Mung Beans are done.

First, soak the Mung Beans and Kelp in a bowl of water for at least 4 hours, or up to 24 hours.  Drain the water from the soaking Mung Bean and Kelp, then break up the Kelp into strips or small pieces.  Add 6 cups water to a pot, then add the Mung Beans and Kelp. Bring pot to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Let the soup simmer for 60-80 minutes or until the Mung Beans become so soft that they start to come out of their skin.

Serve warm or cold, then add Brown Sugar or sweetener of choice (Maple Syrup, Honey, Sucanat, etc) and a little salt. Makes 3 large bowls, or 4 small ones. The recipe can be increased or reduced to accommodate your servings. Use within 3 days or toss leftovers.

Finished Soup!

Review: This is really tasty, even if it looks ugly!  With swollen glands and a sore throat, I felt this was really soothing. It had a lightly sweet and savory flavor unlike anything else I’ve tasted. The texture was a little bit like a bean soup with onions. I enjoyed it. But, the kids wouldn’t try it.