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A Photo Of My Feelings

I spied this scene while out walking with my family on Sunday evening. I would not have even noticed if my daughter hadn’t asked for a water break. So, we stopped underneath  two Holly trees that create an arbor over the sidewalk. As the kids drank water in their peckish and slow way, I looked up. The golden sunlight was streaming into the nooks and crannies of the Holly leaves. That’s when I spied this:

How I Feel: blurry, stuck and ready to let the wind set me free.
How I Feel: blurry, stuck and ready to let the wind set me free.

After a rough Monday wrestling with how to proceed in fundraising for the Bolivia workshop, today I announced that I am suspending my efforts until the workshop has a firm date. And, while that left me feeling rather down, I am inspired by this photograph.

It shows exactly how I feel. After sharing it on my personal Facebook page, my friend summed it up perfectly: “I see a seed who probably gave false hope to a spider who hoped to devour it. Seed is in no danger and is getting a prolonged sky view before landing and sprouting. You are full of life and encouragement even if you feel stuck! Enjoy the view sweetie and don’t forget Im always up for taking you out to coffee when you are here!”

And, I actually love Dandelions.

Looking Back To Move Forward

Almost 16 years ago to this day, I accompanied my Grandma to Bolivia as she was taking a sort of reunion trip. Her family had lived there during her teen years as missionaries. I don’t remember what church they were serving under, but do remember that her time there left a lasting impression. She had the heart of an adventurer, and after 50 years spent working and raising 5 children of her own she wanted to go back to explore and remember.
As I looked through the old disposable camera photos of that trip, I smile inside and out.  I learned a lot more about her, about poverty and about how missionaries from various church groups try to help even when they can’t agree on how to work together back home.

I remember the redhead on our flight to Bolivia who was going to meet a guy she clicked with during his weeklong holiday in the states. How they were going to meet up in Argentina, and wondering at 16-years-old myself if that was such a good idea. So, I just listened to her as she excitedly told me about how amazing he was and excited she was to finally have found a guy like him.

I remember there was the restaurant in La Paz where we ate lunch. She couldn’t read the menu except for a few words here and there. I ordered what amounted to a pile of rice with veggies and a meat sauce. She ordered something that smelled like dirty socks. I kid you not. It was a yogurt like cold soup. Being the stubborn, frugal woman that she was, she finished it, holding her breath to as not to taste it as much.

I remember how after trying in vain to find her family’s old apartment in Cochabamba, my Grandma found us a Taxi that took us to a main Plaza. From there, she found her way home on foot or “shanks pony” as she called it. I was impressed at the memory her body held that her head could not as the walk took us straight there when street names were too fuzzy to recall.

I promised myself then that I would return some day and help out. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew I would somehow. Well, I have finally found the how and now is the when. You see, I’m rather intuitive when it comes to my relationships in life, but I am also very practical and rely on logic for my business. I’ve decided to start following my heart instead of my head and I’m excited to see where that takes me. First up is Bolivia!

Will you help me get there? I am raising funds through Indiegogo, and offer two deals on portraits through the campaign. You get a jump start on Christmas card photos and I get to fulfill a promise I made to myself.


Not the kind of update I had hoped to give!

The workshop may be postponed until spring 2015. So, I have decided to put my fundraising efforts on hold until a decision is made (they chose Sept. 1st to make the final call). I am dedicated to attending no matter when it happens.

Thank you so much for your support this far!

Film Friday: Mother

Happy May! I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about Mother’s Day…

That’s why I’m sharing this photography today – my first award winning photograph I took of my Mom, when I was 6. I won a ribbon at the Fair and was delighted. My Mom has been my number one fan and has helped encourage my creative growth. I am forever grateful!

A portrait of my Mom taken at age 6.
Won a ribbon at the fair for this, a portrait of my Mom taken at age 6.

In honor of Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day Special: Through May 30th, book your session at the Portrait Package rate – $175, which will include your children, 10 -4×6 photographs in a keepsake box, and images on a memory stick. Additional images available for purchase at $25 each. Let’s plan a fun session that reflects what you enjoy doing with your kids or your favorite spot in Seattle.

p.s. I LOVE to use Pinterest to brainstorm ideas!

Film Friday: Hibiscus Portrait

The first time I went to Hawaii it was to the Garden Island, Kauai. My Uncle built a house there to serve as a vacation home and rental property. My grandma and her three daughters took a trip there that included several of us first cousins. It was a very fun trip, and as a thank you card to my Grandma for helping us get there, I sent her this card I made with an Exacto knife and print of a Hibiscus flower.

After she died, they found that she kept a file in her filing cabinet for all of her children. In them were all of the cards and letters she had received from each child’s family. So, this thank you note is back with me and will always remind me of that trip and her love for a personal note or letter.

Back when I made this card, I never imagined that I’d get it back, or that I’d be printing and selling my photographs as a grown up.

A First Family Portrait!

I had the honor of giving this beautiful family their first portrait session. They were funny, well prepared and had the most serious almost two-year-old I have ever met! He was adorable and I have to admit that as a Mom myself, I was happy to see that he didn’t take to a stranger like me with a big camera too quickly…

TaylorFam_HolliMargell 1

TaylorFam_HolliMargell 6

TaylorFam_HolliMargell 2

Since this photo session, I’ve heard from a few other families with kids under 6 years old. They haven’t gotten a family portrait done because their kids are too antsy to sit or they don’t have the budget.

I totally understand where they are coming from, and did my best to do our own family portraits for a couple of years after baby number 2 entered the scene. But, I have to tell you something. I have only met one child who sat still and followed directions for a family portrait. One. They are children after all, and a good photographer will work with you and them to capture those heart melting smiles.

If you need a little more inspiration, Mallory MacDonald wrote a great piece about being a family photographer on LisaJo Baker’s Blog last month: Tips for Taking Christmas Card Photos.

And, as for the cost, well, all I can say is that for our family, we budget for it just like we do Christmas gifts. Our annual family photo is my favorite gift of all (and one I get to be included in).

So, don’t wait until you think your kids will sit still, because life as it is is beautiful!