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The moment I knew photography was my passion

This is the story of how I discovered my passion of photography. It starts, however, with a boy.

We were going to get married, that was the decision. He knew we were meant to be together forever. Then, like the practical girl that I was, I explained to the boy that we had to get a good idea of the costs to get married. For example, how much does a ring cost? How much for a wedding? What about living expenses? I was a girl of 20, he a boy at 19. We both lived at home, and attended College.

The ring seemed like a good start. Without an official purposeful, we decided to look at rings together and see how much they cost and what would strike my fancy. Why not make it a good excuse to hop over the border and visit Canada?

Once we arrive the sunny day turned dark with gray clouds, a foreboding sign. We ate lunch, and then entered a very rainy day. This put the boy in a bad mood. Things were not going according to his romantic plans. Being an optimist, I said, “Well, let’s buy an umbrella! It’ll force us to walk more closely. And, we’ll have a good souvenir.” So we did. A bright white and red one with the Canadian Maple Leaf on it, telling everyone we passed that we were tourists.

We hopped in and out of jewelry stores, until there were no more within walking distance. With the rain dashing our plans of simply walking around along the waterfront or through gardens, we strolled through a Mall. I spotted a little photo-booth, the type where you get 3 or 4 of those tiny square photos on a strip. I smiled and suggested we get another souvenir. He said no, he was grumpy. Finally, we landed in an old bookstore stuffed to the ceiling. While we sat on a little bench, I clutched a book of Portraits done by National Geographic Photographers. I was captivated.

With the twinkle of inspiration and hope, I shared aloud, “I want to make a book like this someday.” The boy’s grumpy mood must have overtaken him with his resonse, “You can never do that. It’s unrealistic.” That’s when I knew the truth. He was not THE ONE for me. Despite his model perfect chiseled good looks and old fashioned manners, we didn’t really fit. I had some lofty dreams, but I knew I wanted someone who encouraged them, even if deep down they doubted.

I felt like a wilted flower at the end of that day. With a bit of truth I didn’t want to swallow, I knew I loved photography and that didn’t work with this boy.

The boy and I were not meant to be, because I said no. I chose a different path, one with no boy in sight.

Then, almost like an accident, and a few years later, I met a different boy. Someone who watched clouds roll by with me while lying on a blanket. We shared dreams. His analytical mind didn’t shoot my ideas down, but they challenged the logistics of how to make them happen. That is why I married my husband. And, that is why I’m still taking photographs.

Do you have a passion? Or many passions? When did you know they were what you wanted to pursue?