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Getting ready to show off.

My first ever Photography show is this January. I’ve seen prints and a Canvass print arrive in the mail this week. Looking at my photography printed makes my heart full of glee. I could almost sequel like a little delighted girl. Instead, I’m just full of smiles, and looking forward to the show.

Here is a lovely little 8×10 Canvass Print, ready for the show!

Currants by Holli Margell

If you’re in the Seattle area, please come…mark your Calendar for January 12th from 5-8pm…details coming soon!

While I get all my photos in order, and select a few more images to print, I will also be revamping this site into more of a Portfolio. Expect to see new things. If you’re still looking for recipes, and make from scratch inspiration, hop on over to my other site: ScratchTreehouse.com – see you soon!

Introducing Scratch Treehouse

Okay kids, here it is, the day I’m launching ScratchTreehouse.com – check it out. I’m finally embracing the fact that I love food, making things from scratch and photography.

Confession: I started holliwithani.com as a way to pursue my passion for photography. But, I didn’t have any photos to share beyond the ones I was taking of food. So, I started sharing recipes, what life was teaching me and basically finding my voice, a clearer picture of my passions. Now, I can say that I honestly love sharing recipes, reviews and most anything Home Making related. But, I’m also reviving my Photography passion.  Since figuring this out, I’ve decided to launch Scratchtreehouse.com as the venue for Home Making goodness. I can hardly wait to share new recipes there!

This blog will focus more on photography. It needs a little revamping, and it will look a little different. So, if you want more of what you’ve seen around here beside pretty pictures, please head over to Scratch Treehouse.

Thanks for reading along!

I can do better

My inspiration, my Cooper.

My son’s new favorite song starts out like this, “You can do better, You can do better, You can be the Greatest Man in the World…”  We’ve been listening to it a lot lately. I’m not sure that his 5-year-old self can relate to the catchy tune’s lyrics, but it is really fun.

The other night while tucking him into bed, he told me, “When I am big, I want to be a little bit like you and like Dad.” I asked him how he wanted to be a little like me. He said, “Like you help Daddy, you help him with the problems. And you wash dishes.” The last part almost made me laugh. Yes, I do the dishes! But, I didn’t realize that he’d noticed the frequent conversations my husband and I have around his work problems. He is a software developer, and often needs to sort through a puzzle verbally before he realizes a solution. I do my best to be a good listener, and only understand about 3/4 of what he is talking about. He often reciprocates and listens to me ramble about whatever issue I’m passionate about or after I’ve had a defeated sort of day.

What this reminded me of is what I really want to do: help people. It comes naturally, and is at the core of just about everything I do. So, I’m going to do better with this blogging thing. I’m working on a new site, one focused more on being a blog and resource with more organization and easier navigation. What I’ve learned in just 7 months of blogging is that I love it. I also want to focus more of my energy on creating recipes and a community that is more helpful and inspiring.

On September 5th, I’ll launch my new site! Stay tuned…