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Seven Things You Should Never Say to a Home Maker

Home Making isn't just blowing bubbles with kids and playing dress up at home.

I might be preaching to the choir as many of you, dear readers, are Home Makers. But hopefully, Google will direct the uninformed here when they type, “How to talk to a Home Maker” in the search field.

Here is a simple list for those of you who can’t imagine staying at home. I don’t care if your brother is a Stay At Home Dad, or if your best friend, a former Lawyer, has decided to take a break from her prestigious position to be a Home Maker. Please, refrain from ever saying the following:

1) Wow, your outfit makes you look like real a Mom.

2) So, when do you think you’ll go back to work?

3) It sure is dusty around here.

4) When was the last time you mopped the floor?

5) Calling about an hour before you’re supposed to arrive for dinner at the Home Maker’s House saying, “I’m really sorry, I just need some me time, can I take a rain check?” Likely, the Home Maker spent the whole day getting ready for you.

6) So, what do you do all day?

7) It must be fun to sit around the house and play all day.

What are some things a Home Maker would like to hear?

I can’t speak for all of us, but from my experience, it’d be nice to hear more of this:

– “I love how you’ve decorated the living room. It feels so ___(compliment).”

– “How’s your day going?” Key here is to really listen to the answer and not try to one-up any topic.

– Notice anything new around the house or yard, and pay an applicable compliment like, “Looks like you and the kids have been having fun in the yard.” Or, “Wow, your garden is growing beautifully.”

The point is that you need to think of the Home Makers in your lives like you would any other colleague or expert you’d meet at a networking event. Find some common ground for conversation and  really listen.

I’ve only experienced a few of the above comments, and have pretty awesome friends and family. But, talking to others at the Playground, people are still a little clueless sometimes.