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When Mama Gets Sick: Home Remedy Review

Last week was a sweet respite from sickness. My daughter had been sick the previous week, so I used the week to play catch up on housework, errands and reading. I had 3 books show up from the Library, and spent a few nights up reading far too late trying to catch the first few chapters. By Saturday, I was taken down with chills, body aches, a headache that felt like two daggers lodged themselves into either side of my head, and a fever.  Thankfully, my husband was able to take care of the kids and I had a few home remedies to try.  It has been almost a full week of sickness. But, nothing so bad that I needed to rush to the Doctor.  I really liked this Ginger Tea Recipe for soothing my tummy, tonsils and throat. It didn’t cure me, but sure did help.

Ginger Root
Ginger Root found in the produce section of my local Natural Food Store.

Ginger Tea:

– 3 Slices Ginger Root

– 2-4 Cups Water

– Sweetener of choice to taste (Honey is great!)

Pour water into a sauce pan, add slices of Ginger and let boil until the water level reduces to half. The boiling time will vary depending on the amount you use, but I found my roughly 3 cups reduced within 20 min.  The tea tastes like Ginger and leaves a slight warm sensation in your stomach. It felt great on my throat as my tonsils were swollen and throat became sore. This recipe is so easy that you can modify as much as you want adding more Ginger, less Ginger, or some additional herbs.

Sadly, our Little Man is now sick. And, while I had a little bit of nausea when I was sick, he has thrown up. So, I gave him some tea mixed with equal parts Raspberry Juice and Water. He liked it enough to drink it down. And it has stayed down.

I originally found this recipe in a Mothering Magazine article, but cannot locate a digital version.

p.s. I have more to share for another day!

May you, Dear Reader, not need to use this or get sick. Instead, I wish you wellness to enjoy the joy of Spring.