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A Puny Art Show!

My tiny 3x3 inch Robotany series will be there!
My tiny 3×3 inch Robotany series will be there!

Come check out my last art show of the year – along with a list of local artists, this show is a wonderfully affordable way to buy smallish art work and support Pasado’s Safe Haven for animals right here in Washington.

When: December 10th, 6-9pm

Where: Wallflower Custom Framing

Childhood inspiration

The other day, my kids had made a mess of legos on their bedroom floor just before bedtime. Instead of scolding them, I took a moment and saw the wonderland they had created. That made a light-bulb go off above my head: childhood is full of inspiration. You never know what experiences you provide a child will blossom later in life.

Snacking in my Grandma's garden.
Snacking in my Grandma’s garden.

When I found this photograph of myself eating a strawberry in my Grandma’s garden, I smiled. She always had a garden, whether with raised beds in the city or on a few acres in the country during her retirement. Those first memories of fresh strawberries and Lemon Balm are still with me, and inspire me to garden myself.

I wish she could see me today, and come wander our community garden where I am trying to grow some of my own vegetables and give my own kids the experience of watching nature bloom. Or that my photography is inspired by nature: capturing people in their natural beauty. She really was my second photography fan, and I always think of her when I smell Lemon Balm!

So, remember that even just providing experiences for children can inspire you or them days and years down the road!

Art Photography Fun: Robotany giveaway!

With the holiday season is in full swing, I get to table at 3 Holiday Art and Gift shows by Christmas!

I have magnet sets, cards, calendars, iPhone cases and small Wood mounted prints to sell. This year, I’m especially excited, because I get to debut the Robotany series Calendar for the first time ever! While I was in a flurry to get ready for the first of the holiday shows last month, I made a mistake. I ordered the Robotany Calendars but accidentally used a photograph twice…A $110 lesson I’ll never forget.

Instead of crying about it, I’m going to make the most of my mistake and give 3 of the calendars away! The first 3 people who comment on this post get ’em! I’ll mail them to you at no charge, count it as my thank you for enjoying the series.

The little photo that could and does appear twice in the mistake calendar batch.

Here’s a peek at the cover of the 2014 Robotany Calendar with all 12 photographs, and there’s a surprise photograph for January 2015!




Swings And The Goat Farm

One last summer adventure found us in Montana! We got to visit a small Goat Farm, and I felt like we had walked into a Martha Stewart magazine. This family has goats, chickens, and a couple rabbits. Their home is a wonderland for a family of four kids. If I could capture their home for a real life magazine, the photos would look something like this:

Goat House

Goat Portrait

Goat eating

Tire Swing

Egg House

Outdoor swings

Farm Art

Farm Art

Farm House Decor

Diningroom Swing


We’re super grateful to The Goat Lady for letting us stop by as we visited relatives. And, yes, she even sent us home with a bar of goat milk soap!

Transformers In The Garden: Series Completed!

A boy who loves Transformers married a girl who loves to garden. They had a neighbor who loved her camera. Together we made: Transformers In The Garden!

At long last the series is completed – now comes the fun part, sharing them with the world! There will be a limited edition of photos mounted on wood blocks like you see here:Transformers_Holliwithani 1

A close up to show off the awesome work of Amanda, giving the photographs an artful texture:

Transformers_Holliwithani 6

Transformers_Holliwithani 2

Transformers_Holliwithani 3

Transformers_Holliwithani 8

I know what you’re thinking: How can you get your hands one some of these amazing images to grace the walls of your home? I’ll be adding the complete collection to the Etsy shop within the week, and the single edition Wood Block mounted prints will be available before Father’s Day. I’ll update via my Facebook Page and here on the blog:)

Thanks for looking!

Goals and Transformers

My new creative project for 2012

As soon as my Photography show was up on the walls at Sugar Rush Coffee and Baking Company I thought to myself, “What next?” And, people started asking me the same question after the Opening Reception. I thought to myself that I wanted to do something a little different, a project or series, but I didn’t know what yet, and didn’t let the ideas leave my brain.

A few days after the Opening Reception, I got an email from my neighbor sharing this idea she and her husband had about doing a Calendar with his Transformers and her Garden. Thus, the Transformers in the Garden project was born. They merely wanted a Calender for themselves. I came on board thinking this project would deserve a wider audience.

And so, this is how my next photography project got started! Just a thought, then a prompt, and now with our first session complete, I’m really excited about it.


Goals: yes, I have a few! The most important lesson this Photography show has taught me is the power of putting our goals out and up where we feel the pressure to complete them. To put this lesson to good use, here are my goals for 2012:

– Two Photography Shows: With one under my belt, I know it’s a lot of work. And, I know how much fun it was. So, I want to do more.

– Complete a Photography Project: Yes, the one above is plenty. But, I have a few more rattling around in my brain involving vegetables. While one is already going, I may have more that are destined for completion by 2013.

– Market my Photography: No, I’m not going to send out postcards or do direct mailing lists. I am, however, looking at ways to get creative with my work. For example, I can donate a piece of work to my son’s school auction (which I’m going to do). And, I could donate one to a local Art Lending Library. This is one area I have the most need for growth. I’m happy to share as I learn!

p.s. The Rainbow of Life show will be up for one more week at Sugar Rush, 4541 California Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98116 – check it out and don’t forget it’s a partial benefit for the West Seattle Food Bank (donation bin by the door).

Photography Show Countdown: Sneak Peek 3

fresh peas

This photograph really comes to life in this regal frame and elegant matting. I love it so much, it makes me smile when I look at it. It is proof that there is beauty in every day life. I captured this one at home on Delridge after picking it in a friend’s garden this summer.

p.s. About the show: Rainbow of Life

Art with Heart: 50% of all sales will be donated to the West Seattle Food Bank.  For those who can make it to the show and want to help, bring two non-perishable food items, and I’ll give you a Photo card featuring a piece from the show. You can donate non-perishable food for the entire month at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar, a donation bin is located inside. To purchase a piece from the show contact me at photoholli @ gmail dot com, or come to the show!

The Details Again: The show is part of the West Seattle Art Walk, held on January 12th form 6-9pm. My Show Reception with be from 5-8pm at Coffee to a Tea with Sugar, 4541 California Avenue S.W. Seattle, WA. The show can be seen for the entire month of January.