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The Surprise + January’s Best

Yesterday I ran into my neighbor. He said he and his wife saw my work up at Sugar Rush, and his tone expressed surprise, “I didn’t know you were a Photographer…You have really great work.”

Something about this conversation caused me to feel the need to explain that yes, I was a Photographer, but I took a break after having my son. What I didn’t take the time to share was that while I am a Photographer, my focus has shifted from Weddings to capturing beauty in daily life. Both require looking for a way to showcase gorgeous moments, but they are vastly different in the marketplace (service vs. product).

This hasn’t been the only “surprised” exchange I’ve had about my work. What they have made me realize is how much I haven’t promoted or shared my work in the past. Somehow when I transitioned to Home Maker, people stopped asking me anything else. Oh, you’re a Home Maker/Stay at Home Mom. End of conversation in most cases. Rarely does anyone ever ask what else I’m doing or what my hobbies or interests are.

A few of my Stay At Home Mom friends have said things like, “In my past life, I used to be a Lawyer. I was a really good lawyer,” with a wistful tone – as if the life they are living now isn’t a part of their past. It’s a curious thing to me. How should I introduce myself? Should I say, I’m a Photographer and Stay at Home Mom, or I’m a Home Maker and Photographer?

Speaking of Photography, I want to share some I’ve taken this month. I would like to post a Best of The Month regularly. I am posting to my new Facebook Page: Holliwithani as time allows, and to Flickr. But, I’d like to highlight my favorites here.

Without further ado, January’s Best: