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Tree Woman Project: Lawson Cypress

I have had a love for trees for quite some time now, and this past summer, I was able to volunteer with a Tree Ambassador program in Seattle by photographing trees for a self-guided tree walk map.

Capturing beauty in women is also a passion of mine. When I discovered Brooke Shaden, both of those passions merged into a lovely light bulb moment: I wanted to photograph women AND trees. This little idea further grew after meeting and hearing Jeremy Cowart speak during Creative Live’s Photo Week in September. His work is amazing, and his experimental nature inspired me to just jump in and start my idea: Tree Women – and did a first try with my daughter last month.

When I posted to my friends on Facebook asking for volunteer models and help with the project, I was so encouraged. Not only did I get volunteer models, a fellow photographer friend offered to assist. The morning of our photo session, it was super windy – like storm warning the night before windy. It was so gusty, that I almost cancelled for fear that we’d be in danger, but my model/friend Tasha was sure it would be okay.

And, boy was I glad we decided to go for it. Literally, the clouds parted and the sunshine came out toward the end of our session. It was beautiful!

Tasha_HolliMargell 164 (1)

Tasha_HolliMargell 163 (1) Tasha_HolliMargell 162 (1) Tasha_HolliMargell 161 (1) Tasha_HolliMargell 157 (1) Tasha_HolliMargell 158 (1) Tasha_HolliMargell 160 (1)


Did I mention how great Tasha was for being willing to climb and jump from the tree?!
Tasha_HolliMargell 166
Huge thank you to Tasha and Chris!

p.s. Check out Chris’ photography too!

Dancing with the trees

Life is too short to wait until I feel old enough to reach for my dreams. I’ve felt that very deeply lately after losing a mentor and watching my aunt struggle with cancer. The problem with being me is that I have many dreams and yet a very real sense of duty and responsibility to focus on my photography business in a traditional business model.

My dream is to use photography to capture fine art portraits based on whimsical concepts AND to help through non-profit photography. While I’ve been focusing on my business and learning non-profit photography (planning on learning through Workshops With A Purpose in April 2015), I’ve decided to jump into the other side of my dream – concept based fine art portraiture.

I have this idea to photograph women in the woods with the shoot designed around specific types of trees to highlight the beauty of both nature an real women. So, I shared the idea on my facebook page, and the response was encouraging! So, a new personal project has been born, and I look forward to filling my portfolio for the day when I can offer concept based fine art portraits…

That look a little something like this:

TreeGirl©HolliMargell 2 TreeGirl©HolliMargell 3 TreeGirl©HolliMargell 4 TreeGirl©HolliMargell 5

TreeGirl©HolliMargell 1Everything about this session with my daughter was amazingly fulfilling. From creating her head pieces to scouting the locations to actually giving her a piggyback ride once her shoes were off so she could stand on that tree barefoot was so much fun. It was like playing dress up and watching a dream come true. Now, I have challenged myself to do 10 more of these sessions with the same concept so that I can fill a portfolio and streamline the process to create an enjoyable client experience.

So, thank you for watching me grow my fine art creative portraiture branch!


Why Photography?

While sitting at my booth in a Holiday Art And Gift Show, a man asked me the best, most thought-provoking question I’ve ever gotten as a photographer.

He looked around at my photographs and made the usual small talk before asking, “So, why photography?”

I thought about it for a second, then shared my thoughts…

Photography is a way for me to capture beauty in life and share it with others in the amount of time I have to be creative.  And, I think we all need to see more beauty in life. Especially with social media making it so easy to be visually aware of all the horrible things happening in the world.

That’s not to say that I think we should ignore the bad things, because I do think that’s important so we can support those in need. But, honestly, we cannot un-see the images of damaged lives, or abused bodies. Even without a photogenic memory, these images stay with us somewhere in our brains. And, the media makes more money when they share the bad things. I don’t see enough of the good I know is happening in the world. And so, I choose photography to help me remember the beauty.

A few of my favorite things...
©Holli with an i photography

. . .

As my friends in High School were taking Photography, I was painting.  I spent hours in the art classroom to complete a painting during lunch and any time I could get a pass from Auto shop class. I had been drawing since I could hold a pencil and had watercolor lessons at 7-years-old from my artist Mother.

I honestly didn’t consider photography an art form until I was 17 and in the middle of a photojournalism class when I was a freshman in college. I had to experience the magic of the dark room printing my own photos to see it. The thing is that I had assumed it was just too easy, and that real art took time to master, to cultivate. Then, my opinion shifted in that dark room.

The last painting I completed was the Spring before my son was born almost 8 years ago. Photography fits into my life better now, and with a digital camera makes it super accessible to share with more people.

So, that is why photography.

Why do you love or choose photography?

Summer Beaty: Hiking

One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is hiking. I’ve never really hiked anywhere else except in the Pacific Northwest. It never ceases to amaze me at how lovely the forest is, especially the trees!

To celebrate our birthdays, which are 360 days apart, last weekend The Man and I spent a whole day together without kids. We love our kids, but there is something special about spending time one on one, like we used to during our dating days.

We enjoyed a hike just outside Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho on Mineral Ridge Trail. Here are a few of my favorite snaps…I’m totally enamored with the patterns in the bark right now…

ForestPhotosbyHolliMargell 3

ForestPhotosbyHolliMargell 1


ForestPhotosbyHolliMargell 2














































Mark Your Calendars: Alki Art Fair!

Holliwithani Alki Art FairMark your calendars! The Alki Art Fair officially starts at 10am on July 20th, but it is on park grounds, so folks are usually strolling through amid the flurry of artists setting up their booths. We close up at 6pm, but the music goes until 8pm. I’ll be there both days and look forward to showing off some new pieces as well as featuring old favorites printed on wood.

I look forward to being a part of the Alki Art Fair this year. It’s a juried Art Fair, including youth, music and demonstrations  Last year, my children thoroughly enjoyed the Kid’s Art Tent where they made their own buttons and spinned art. Hope to see you there!


Transformers In The Garden: Series Completed!

A boy who loves Transformers married a girl who loves to garden. They had a neighbor who loved her camera. Together we made: Transformers In The Garden!

At long last the series is completed – now comes the fun part, sharing them with the world! There will be a limited edition of photos mounted on wood blocks like you see here:Transformers_Holliwithani 1

A close up to show off the awesome work of Amanda, giving the photographs an artful texture:

Transformers_Holliwithani 6

Transformers_Holliwithani 2

Transformers_Holliwithani 3

Transformers_Holliwithani 8

I know what you’re thinking: How can you get your hands one some of these amazing images to grace the walls of your home? I’ll be adding the complete collection to the Etsy shop within the week, and the single edition Wood Block mounted prints will be available before Father’s Day. I’ll update via my Facebook Page and here on the blog:)

Thanks for looking!