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Film Friday: Hibiscus Portrait

The first time I went to Hawaii it was to the Garden Island, Kauai. My Uncle built a house there to serve as a vacation home and rental property. My grandma and her three daughters took a trip there that included several of us first cousins. It was a very fun trip, and as a thank you card to my Grandma for helping us get there, I sent her this card I made with an Exacto knife and print of a Hibiscus flower.

After she died, they found that she kept a file in her filing cabinet for all of her children. In them were all of the cards and letters she had received from each child’s family. So, this thank you note is back with me and will always remind me of that trip and her love for a personal note or letter.

Back when I made this card, I never imagined that I’d get it back, or that I’d be printing and selling my photographs as a grown up.

Film Friday: Laugh

©Holli with an i
©Holli with an i

This photo might look like just an old woman laughing. It’s really a moment in a story about a road trip I took with my Mom, brother, sister and Grandma to the East Coast and back to Seattle. I was 17-years-old and has just graduated High School and kindled my love of photography with my Grandpa’s old Contax 35mm camera. My Grandma wanted to attend a family reunion in Minnesota, so why not drive a little further and do a trip to the East Coast?

It was 6 weeks of the longest, most memorable trip I’ve ever taken. My Grandma proceeded to buy me 20 rolls of film from Costco, and developed them all in exchange for first pick to add them to her scrapbook. It was a more than fair bargain, and gave me a self-imposed photography project to document our adventure.

This photo was taken while visiting Colonial Williamsburg – a living museum where folks live as we did when America was founded. Someday, I would love to visit again with my own family.

Film Friday: Mount Hood

This photograph is part of a long, rambling story of a day when my sister and I had to drive from La Grande, Oregon to Portland to pick someone up from the airport. I took along my Grandfather’s vintage Olympus Pen F Half-Frame camera (on standard 35mm film, it took only half the frame so that you could take 2 photographs on one frame and get these double prints)…

Mount Hood on sepia 35mm film.
Mount Hood on sepia 35mm film.

The short version: Forest fires turned the normally 4-hour drive into an over 8-hour adventure. We had to take a small Highway around Mount Hood, driving with detour traffic. It was a gorgeous summer day despite the smoke and danger.

I had to stop to snap a few photographs of the mountain in the beautiful evening sunshine, and the trees growing alongside the road on the mountainside.

My sister was reading the Little House on the Pairie series, and read an entire book to me while we drove. It remains one of my favorite memories.

p.s. I sold the camera on Ebay later that summer to someone in Japan. Sometimes, I wish I had not done so.





Film Friday: My first Portraits and Photoshop

When I first started using a camera, I captured people.  I literally dusted off my old portfolio this morning and opened it up…
There were several wedding prints as I was building my own Wedding Photography business, but several of the portraits reminded me how much I love to capture the beauty in people as much as I do in nature. Here is one of my cousin taken outside in the snow:

©Holli With An I Photography One of my favorite film portraits.
©Holli With An I Photography
One of my favorite film portraits.

And, then I found this one of my body building brother – I used it to make a advertisement for back to school supplies in my first Photoshop class (dare I say 13 years ago!). Now I need to find the final project. And, it’s time to brush up on my photoshop skills as I get to add more options to my photography business.

©Holli WIth An I Photography - one of my first photos for a photoshop class over 10 years ago!
©Holli WIth An I Photography – one of my first photos for a photoshop class over 10 years ago!

These photographs show his real muscles, and I photoshopped a sheet of lined paper behind him. So, basically, I learned photoshop back in the day before all of the “touch up” tools do face-lifts and body sculpting. As I learn the new Photoshop, I will still shoot in a documentary style, and use it sparingly to enhance an image or to create some digital art.

Now that you know a little bit more about my background, tell me what you think: Should I “up my game” and learn all of those “face-lifting” techniques or stay consistent with my current style and when I do use the magic of Photoshop, create something that is clearly digital art?