Looking back at 2014: Thank you!

First I want to thank everyone for a busy year.

I love the idea of reflecting back, and will share how the year went for any other photographers out there or others who wonder how it works…so without further ado, I give you my 2013 Annual Review:¬†

1. Expansion: adding photography service

The year started out with me doing my paper work and filing taxes. All that tedious work gave me a clear picture: I made a little bit more money doing photography as a service than I did as an art form. Without advertising myself as a portrait photographer, the work appeared. So, I started the year with a desire to put more effort into honing my Portrait skills and dividing the business into art and photography services.

This was a fun year to learn more about posing people to look their best, and market my portrait photography. While I had high hopes for this new leg of the business, it again made almost the same amount of money as my Art Photography ($25 less to be specific). Despite not making as much money as I had set as a goal, I did confirm that I love working with people and capturing family memories.

2. Growth: getting my art out there

I wanted to share my art photography outside of West Seattle. And, I did! Granted it was at a one afternoon Holiday and Gift show, but still. I’m happy to have met that goal. And, not only that, but I showed it at 6 different events, which is 2 more than the previous year! ¬†With that many “holiday” or “art” sale events under my belt, I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve found the perfect fit for my work. My art photography is neither edgy or cute. It’s very modern but fun. And, while I did sell many cards, magnet sets and some calendars, my print sales were seriously lacking. Makes me wonder if people buy prints any more!

Despite not seeing much of an increase in sales of my art photography, I can say that I tried new things, and discovered some things I love. For example, I had someone want a piece for their bedroom. Since they didn’t know exactly what they wanted, I brought my portfolio and after looking at their space, suggested several pieces. They loved what they got, and I loved finding the right fit for them. And, I’m grateful for my early childhood watching as my Mom during her work interior decorating.

{Moving forward}

For 2014, I aim to grow my portrait business and the art photography so that they provide some income. Ever since I started in 2011, I’ve been working on a cash system where I don’t buy new work unless I’ve either sold enough to pay for it or have a show coming up and estimate a certain amount of sales. I haven’t earned a profit yet…and I’m declaring 2014 the year of sustainability for the business. I aim to generate $20,000.00 from a combination of my photography service and art.

I love both so much that I simply cannot pick only one to focus on – and as a result, I may be changing up the website a bit to give them dedicated space!

Here are my dream goals for the business:

– Show my art photography in a gallery

– Open a studio for my portrait photography

– Publish a photography book

Now, onward and upward! Thank you all so much for coming along and helping me grow.