Last minute show!

I spent last night preparing some new work for the Grand Opening of Photosynthesis, a Massage Studio in the Admiral Neighborhood on the West Seattle Peninsula. My first look at the new space was on Tuesday, and it has much more wall space than I was expecting!  The owners have worked hard putting in new cork flooring, painting and creating a very modern, minimalistic space that is also inviting.

After checking it out, I quickly decided that instead of filling the walls with work from my last show, I wanted to put work in that would really fit the space. Some of the previous show pieces fit the place, but I needed more. Thankfully, my favorite local frame shop is open until 9pm on weekdays. I literally felt like I was racing the clock to get 6 new pieces ready! Today, I had the pleasure of hanging them up. I am going to call this new last minute show, Soothe.

These are a few snap shots, which really don’t give the space or photos justice:

If you’re free tomorrow evening, Friday, Feb. 3rd, visit Photosynthesis!

Where: 3225 California Ave. S.W. Seattle, WA. 98106

When: Feb. 3rd 6-9pm

Or save the date for March 8th – the work will be shown as part of the West Seattle Art Walk!

p.s. Another Photographer’s work features images from Thailand and fill the Massage Rooms. Pretty stunning work!

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