Film Friday: Hibiscus Portrait

The first time I went to Hawaii it was to the Garden Island, Kauai. My Uncle built a house there to serve as a vacation home and rental property. My grandma and her three daughters took a trip there that included several of us first cousins. It was a very fun trip, and as a thank you card to my Grandma for helping us get there, I sent her this card I made with an Exacto knife and print of a Hibiscus flower.

After she died, they found that she kept a file in her filing cabinet for all of her children. In them were all of the cards and letters she had received from each child’s family. So, this thank you note is back with me and will always remind me of that trip and her love for a personal note or letter.

Back when I made this card, I never imagined that I’d get it back, or that I’d be printing and selling my photographs as a grown up.