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Being behind the camera is my happy place.

As you can see in this family photo, my own kids and husband don’t love being in front of the camera. And, that is why this is my all time favorite portrait of all of us showing reality in humor.

My family does let me photograph them candidly during daily life or events.

:::Now for the traditional background details:::

Born and raised in West Seattle, I grew up appreciating the great outdoors and local art galleries. Both influence my photography.

I left West Seattle for college where I learned photography in a photojournalism course using film at Peninsula College.  After working as a Wedding Photographer’s Assistant, I began photographing weddings myself in Port Angeles, Washington and then in Seattle.

My focus shifted once we started a family, and while I took a break from paid work, my camera was never idle. Digital photography entered my life. I shifted once again to launch Holli with an i featuring people, beauty in nature, and personal projects.

Another branch of my photography is focused on serving the small business community at NativeLightPhoto.com – I love helping career professionals show what they do.

Thank you for taking a look around ~ Holli with an i


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