You are invited.

I am getting all giddy and a little nervous as I put this show together. Every time a print order shows up in the mail, I am filled with glee. It’s one thing to see your photo on the computer screen, and a whole other experience seeing it on a Canvass print, or simply printed in large format.

The amazing part for me is to think  about how I mustered up the courage to get my foot in the door to do a show. Granted, this is a Coffee Shop show, and not at a museum or anything fancy. But, still, I was surprised that I needed a little kick to even start. I can thank the Internet for that kick. It came from a creative mind who suggested that folks 20 minutes every day to their art work. So, I chose my Photography.  It’s funny how all the worry or insecurity I had to get an interview for the show space seems like so long ago. And now, I find those little insecurities trying to poke their pesky heads up as I feel some butterflies invading my stomach every day.

Will people like my photography? Will it move them? Inspire them? Or, make them yawn? It doesn’t really matter. This is more about me putting my work out there and getting the chance to feel what that’s like. My family and friends are ever encouraging, and I appreciate that more than words can tell. But, what about strangers? It’s hard for me to imagine what strangers will think. That’s going to be the fun part, I suppose.

So, if you’re in the Seattle area on January 12th, please come by to say hello. Or drop into the delightfully delicious coffee/tea/cupcake shop to take a look. Either way, I’m excited to share my work with you.

And, yes, the work will all be for sale. You can check out a few prints I’m already selling over at my Etsy shop, Busyhands. Thanks for taking a look!

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