Spring Flowers!

Today started out very dark gray complete with an on-going shower. Like serious down pour that made me wear my rain boots and rain coat. Three hours later, the day is full of sunshine breaks!

This got me thinking about my favorite spring flowers. I’ve captured many over the past year, and decided to share my favorites – some of them are for sale in my Etsy shop. Others are waiting for me to print and post up there. Instead of hoarding them until that happens, I give you Spring Flowers:

FloralsbyHolliWithAnI (1)


ArtPhotographybyHolliWithAnI 3 (1)

ArtPhotographybyHolliWithAnI 4 (1)


2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers!”

  1. I love the purple one on the black background, and the yellow one too. I also really like how well you captured that first flower and how the petals are all curvy. The tiny blue flowers on the green leaves make a really nice juxtaposition, but I would love to see it cropped in tighter to the flowers.

    Very nice work!
    -Emily Rose

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