Recipe: Simple Apple Salad

After a Hot Yoga session, I was really hungry. I wanted something refreshing and satisfying, but not heavy.  I was thinking about the large Fuji Apples I had bought at the store, and came up with this recipe on my way home. It was so tasty!  I’ve since made another variation of it, recipe alterations included below.

Simple Apple Salad


– 1 Large Fuji Apple (or sweet apple)

– 2 Stalks Celery

– 1/4 Teaspoon Dried Thyme

– 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil

– 1/4 Teaspoon Salt or a pinch to taste

Dice up the apple into small chunks and place in a bowl. Chop up the celery in whatever size suits you and add to the bowel. Sprinkle your dried Thyme into a separate dish with the Olive Oil, add salt and stir until even distributed, then drizzle onto the apples and celery. Mix everything together, then enjoy! This ratio of ingredients made 2 large servings. You can easily multiply the quantity to create more portions.

Apple Romaine Salad

Apple Romaine Salad

Follow the steps above, but add 2-4 leaves of diced Romaine lettuce, or roughly 2 cups. Simply delicious and refreshing!

6 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Apple Salad”

  1. If you add a few nuts you would have a form of Waldorf Salad. Celery and apple are a great pair because of the salty and sweet. I really like you idea of adding thyme.
    I just learned on Dr.Oz, that by adding a few Pistachios to a carbohydrate like a pasta it slows the absorption rate of sugar in the bloodstream. I wonder if that would be the case with the apple for those of us who need to watch our sugars.

    1. Understood! Yes, you can add anything else to this simple salad. Most all of my recipes are “Iris Diet Friendly” and she can not eat nuts. But, we get them in separately for the rest of the family.

      Thanks for your input – I do appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

  2. Holli, welcome to Monday Mania! So glad you linked up with all of us. Thank you for sharing this lovely salad idea! I’ll bet the sweetness and crunchiness of the apple would go very well with the salty crunchiness of the celery. Great idea!

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