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Welcomed Relaxation

For the last week, our family has traveled by plane to a Florida Beach wedding and then a long anticipated visit to rural Arkansas to meet Great Grandparents. Each place another world from the one we call home in Seattle. Our first time flying with both kids, the longest trip as a couple, the new family and friends we met brought a sense of welcome to each step. People are generally kind and considerate. Our children welcomed friendliness from strangers everywhere. The smells and temperature of the air welcomed us home.

Stop. After a week away from blogging and consistent Internet connectivity, I decided to jump back in by joining The Gypsy Mama’s Friday 5 Link Prompt: Welcome. After so much to process mentally,  photos to upload, laundry to do and time zones to get adjusted to for life back here, I thought it was time to link up.

What does Welcome mean to you?