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A Photo Of My Feelings

I spied this scene while out walking with my family on Sunday evening. I would not have even noticed if my daughter hadn’t asked for a water break. So, we stopped underneath  two Holly trees that create an arbor over the sidewalk. As the kids drank water in their peckish and slow way, I looked up. The golden sunlight was streaming into the nooks and crannies of the Holly leaves. That’s when I spied this:

How I Feel: blurry, stuck and ready to let the wind set me free.
How I Feel: blurry, stuck and ready to let the wind set me free.

After a rough Monday wrestling with how to proceed in fundraising for the Bolivia workshop, today I announced that I am suspending my efforts until the workshop has a firm date. And, while that left me feeling rather down, I am inspired by this photograph.

It shows exactly how I feel. After sharing it on my personal Facebook page, my friend summed it up perfectly: “I see a seed who probably gave false hope to a spider who hoped to devour it. Seed is in no danger and is getting a prolonged sky view before landing and sprouting. You are full of life and encouragement even if you feel stuck! Enjoy the view sweetie and don’t forget Im always up for taking you out to coffee when you are here!”

And, I actually love Dandelions.