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Film Friday: Laugh

©Holli with an i
©Holli with an i

This photo might look like just an old woman laughing. It’s really a moment in a story about a road trip I took with my Mom, brother, sister and Grandma to the East Coast and back to Seattle. I was 17-years-old and has just graduated High School and kindled my love of photography with my Grandpa’s old Contax 35mm camera. My Grandma wanted to attend a family reunion in Minnesota, so why not drive a little further and do a trip to the East Coast?

It was 6 weeks of the longest, most memorable trip I’ve ever taken. My Grandma proceeded to buy me 20 rolls of film from Costco, and developed them all in exchange for first pick to add them to her scrapbook. It was a more than fair bargain, and gave me a self-imposed photography project to document our adventure.

This photo was taken while visiting Colonial Williamsburg – a living museum where folks live as we did when America was founded. Someday, I would love to visit again with my own family.