Recipe: Quick and Easy Zuchinni Soup

Mar 25, 2011

These Spring days in Seattle inspire me to eat soup. We have small doses of sunshine, then evenings of rain and a chilly wind. The problem is that I don’t like buying canned soup or pre-made soup. Why? Well, I have my Grandmother to thank. I spent a lot of time with her after she […]

Remedy Recipe Review: Mung Bean and Kelp Soup

Mar 19, 2011

The Traditional Chinese Mung Bean Soup is actually a desert item used to cool folks in the summer.  I learned about this from the Chinese Herbalist we have been seeing for our daughter. She recommended it to me during this past illness – I was a little hesitant to try it, but pleasantly surprised by […]

When Mama Gets Sick: Home Remedy Review

Mar 17, 2011

Last week was a sweet respite from sickness. My daughter had been sick the previous week, so I used the week to play catch up on housework, errands and reading. I had 3 books show up from the Library, and spent a few nights up reading far too late trying to catch the first few […]

Recipe: Quick Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry

Mar 7, 2011

One of my personal goals is to consume at least one salad a day – from 1-2 servings. With our cold weather, a salad doesn’t sound appealing on some days. So, I came up with this recipe wanting something hot, fast and hearty – satisfying without any grains. Ingredients – 2 Carrots – 2 Celery […]

Recipe: Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes and Frosting

Feb 27, 2011

I believe there are no true substitutes for Eggs or Butter, but this recipe proves that you don’t need them to have a moist, tasty cupcake.  Since our daughter cannot eat good ‘ole Eggs and Butter, I’ve been experimenting with Vegan Baking. I found the initial recipe at, but modified it to this one. […]

Recipe: Simple Apple Salad

Feb 19, 2011

After a Hot Yoga session, I was really hungry. I wanted something refreshing and satisfying, but not heavy.  I was thinking about the large Fuji Apples I had bought at the store, and came up with this recipe on my way home. It was so tasty!  I’ve since made another variation of it, recipe alterations […]

Classic Cookie Cutter Crackers

Feb 9, 2011

My kids and I love crackers.  They are super easy to make, and a fun way to use cookie cutters.  We’ve modified a recipe from my mom many times – from using butter to Ghee to Olive Oil. You can use regular refined flour for a classic, buttery taste.  Or you can use a whole […]

Recipe: Ghee – clarified butter

Feb 6, 2011

Why Ghee:  Since our little girl can’t handle most animal protein, we’ve been transforming much of our cooking and baking to vegan. We usually use Olive Oil, or just steam and boil foods.  Baking has proved another area for learning – we use applesauce in place of oil or butter. But, there are certain things […]

Recipe: Zucchini Dip

Jan 25, 2011

In an effort to create a diary free dip, I came up with this recipe.  It also works wonderfully as a sauce on pasta, sandwich spread.  The best part is that it is made of a vegetable! Ingredients: 1 Medium Zucchini 1 Table Spoon fresh squeezed Lemon juice 1 Table Spoon Olive Oil 1/4 Teaspoon […]