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Professional Portraits: Ready To Thrive

Do you have a professional portrait?

I’m not talking about the ones where your office wants to update the company directory and hires someone to come on in and photograph everyone in 5 minute intervals like you’re back in grade school. I’m talking about a portrait that you can be proud of and share across your social media channels.

Did you know that people judge you by your profile photo first? We might not want to admit it, but we are visual creatures.

©Holli with an i photography
©Holli with an i photography
©Holli with an i photography
©Holli with an i photography

I’ve been studying fashion portraiture for a few years now, and while the fashion world doesn’t appeal to me, the art of it does. So, I apply some of that to my portraiture for professionals. This way, I can accentuate your features with the best lighting, and even offer wardrobe suggestions – are you looking for a new job or a sweetheart? Subtle things like the color of your shirt to your eye contact with the lens can make all the difference.

I had a client recently who suddenly found herself in need of a head shot for a professional event, and all she had was a passport photo of herself. She hates have her photograph taken, and I was certain I could do better than that myself. Luckily, I was able to rush her session, and help her put her best face forward.

So, if you’re thinking about getting your portrait taken, but don’t feel like the most photogenic person, trust me, get it done. Find a photographer whose personality you click with and get out in front of the camera. No one should be stuck using a passport photograph!

From online dating to a new LinkedIn profile portrait, a professional portrait will help you shine.

Seattle Photographers Headshot Swap

In the Seattle area there are literally hundreds of photographers. It can feel a bit competitive. And among them, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a handful that feel more like kindred spirits than competitors. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting another one.

Melanie of Rio Jean Photography met up with me at the Olympic Sculpture Park for a Head Shot Swap. We met online through a Seattle Photographers group and within minutes of meeting in person for the first time, we bonded quickly over photographing each other.

As I was photographing her, guiding her to different expressions, it was clear that not smiling is a challenge for her. And, her smile lights up the world around her.

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 1 (1)

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 2 (1)

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 5 (1)

Her sweet little girl came along for the fun, so I had to snap a quick shot of them together too.

MelanieHeadShot_HolliMargell 3 (1)

It’s funny how nervous you can get once you step in front of the camera. Melanie is a warm, bubbly person who put my nerves at ease as she helped me pose for the camera.

I’m so thrilled with her work that I think these are my very favorite portraits of me! Please do take a peek at her side of the story and my new head shots at Rio Jean Photography.