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On The Day You Were Born: A Letter to Cooper

Cooper in uniform for the park with Iris.

Dear Cooper,

You are now 5 years old. Your questions about life have become more complex. You love to hear about the day you were born. I have told you about the who, what, where and how things happened to welcome you into the world. What I haven’t told you, you are not yet ready to understand. But, I hope that some day you’ll look at this letter and come to understand the miracle of your birth and the way you forever changed my life.

I went into labor earlier than expected. We had planned a birth in a Birthing Center, but you wouldn’t wait for the best dates for that to be possible. Instead, you wanted to come early. Just early enough for us to go to the Hospital, instead of the Birthing Center. This was my first lesson in going without a plan and taking life in stride. I loved plans, but your birth taught me I should not stress out about sticking to them. I was scared when my contractions started. Worry about the date filled me, about needing a couple more weeks for you to be grown enough to survive in the world.

Birthing you felt like a miracle. I was blessed with the ability and freedom to birth you naturally. The experience was one of the most empowering I have ever

Cooper the boy and Me.

had. Your Daddy and I had our world turned around in ways books could have never explained. You were perfect. You only needed some extra sunshine and a few blood tests to make sure your Jaundice went away.

Today you are you, most perfectly you. You love to make jokes, to dance, to sing, to dress up in character, to tell us every detail of your day. You have opened up to strangers and are no longer so shy. You walk right up to kids at the playground and ask them if they want to play a game with you. You open doors for other people.

Your budding personality has also flourished in challenging our authority as you explore new phrases and find buttons to push. You have made me cry more than once as you flex your willfulness. But, I am thankful. Thankful for the patience you require of me. The creativity you require now that you’re such a picky eater is pushing me to keep on learning and trying every day. I hope that I can keep on learning along side you, to guide you and give you freedom to grow into a man.

I love you,