Photography Roots: Port Angeles

My first photography class was at Peninsula College. It was photojournalism with a real dark room and assignments that showed me that I love to photograph people and tell their story. And, I fell in love with nature photography too.

While my life is a bustling with activity as we approach my next Art Show during the West Seattle Art Walk on April, 10th, it was good to get away for a night and spend some time on my friend’s tree farm.

He and his wife live “off the grid” meaning they don’t depend on utilities, and use Solar panels, and harvest rain water. It might sound rugged, but really, their home has all the amenities we’re used to in the city. Except for Internet. So, I was detached from the Internet for over 24 hours, plus my phone thought I was in Canada, so I couldn’t access the web that way either. It was beautiful to be forced to simply be present near the wilderness.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from our mini-adventure:


© Holli with an i photography A Tree Farm in March.
© Holli with an i photography
A Tree Farm in March.
HolliMargell 2
©Holli with an i photography
HolliMargell 3
©Holli with an i photography
Returning to Seattle, you can see we also returned to the gray Spring weather.