Photographing people like art

When I first stood in the dark room developing my first print, it was a photograph of a person for my photojournalism class. I learned quickly how to photograph people in a journalistic style to tell a story.

Now, I find myself using my camera to capture fine art that I see in nature. This past month, I’ve been learning how to capture people like fine art.

I’m super excited to share that I have been taking a 28 day course by Sue Bryce, an award winning photographer from Australia. Her work focuses on women, and her portfolio showcases glamour and boudoir. What I hope to learn from her is how to integrate fine art with people photography. I want to capture the beauty in people as I do when I prep a Tulip in the natural sunlight.

The photojournalism student will always be alive in me when I’m photographing an event or Wedding – I still see photographs waiting to be captured every day. But, now I’ll be able to enhance by work to better reflect my Fine Art Photography style.

Here are examples of my homework:




Thanks for taking a look! I can hardly wait to practice more and show my homework off:)