Home Sweet Home

I discovered something fantastic and am so pleased to share this with you: My new favorite portrait package! After doing some architectural photography, I was inspired to combine it with my love of photojournalism, and am now offering a life style portrait session.

How It Works:

This new package is perfect for the family who has a new home, a recent renovation, a life style blogger, or an amazing garden they wish to capture and remember for generations.

We will have a consultation visit for about 30 minutes to talk about the spaces you want photographed, and the best daylight timing. And, I love to offer suggestions for how to stage furniture or treasures so that your space will shine. Then, our photo session lasts up to 2 hours so that we can capture your home and a handful of portraits in your favorite spaces.

The package looks something like this, delivered in a box with prints and digital files:

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 148

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 99
HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 91
HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 33

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 104

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 28

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 93

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 112

HolliWithAnI_CitrusManor_Web 157

The session lasts up to 2 hours, and includes up to 3 traditional portraits in your favorite spaces. Includes 20-30 Proof prints, 3- 8x10s in an archival box, $295
I am now booking sessions for the New Year! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.