The Golden Project

Inspired by the Japanese Kintsukuroi art of repairing broken pottery with gold, this project aims to show those who have done so in their own lives after trauma. These portraits attempt to share the beauty from those who have put themselves back together. There are so many people of all ages that experience trauma, and in an effort to narrow down the focus of this project, I chose to focus on women. Their names have been changed and their stories will be shared based on the type of trauma they experienced. You’ll see each portrait named after the type of trauma, and their story of putting the pieces back together. This project aims to encourage others to put themselves back together using bits of symbolic gold.
– Holli Margell

One thing that most all cancer patients have in common is a port. This is a site where you have a semi-temporary implant placed in your chest area where IV’s of medicines can be put into your system easily. This cancer survivor’s body responded to the port site in a most beautiful and unexpected way: her body grew a vascular web around the site, visible through her skin! We used this as inspiration to trace with gold and highlight the way her body created a beautify reminder of the ability to heal.

“Every trauma is the potential for self discovery.”
“Broken places give you the strength to really know yourself.”
“We have a choice about how we respond to our tragedy.”
“You can choose to surrender”

Seattle Photographer