As a family we enjoy food, and have become a “make from scratch” household.  Our food philosophy is heavily based on Michael Pollan’s book, “In Defense of Food” as well as life experience, and other books or examples of others in our lives.

I eat up books about health and enjoy creating new recipes – especially as I strive to get my kids to eat more vegetables!  They are 5 and 3 years old.  Since our youngest dealt with a constant case of constipation with no medical cause, we found a solution which was partly based on getting her to eat more vegetables – roughly 50% of her food intake. And, it’s working for her. So, most of my recipes or blurbs about food will focus on vegetables or health.

Since starting this blog in 2011, I’ve found myself addicted to writing about health and food, and making things from scratch. This is why I’ve moved over to to focus on those passions. Hopefully you’ll find something useful and get inspired to cook and bake from scratch too.

If you want to jump to a handy list of links to just recipes from 2011, click here.

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