Film Friday: Mount Hood

This photograph is part of a long, rambling story of a day when my sister and I had to drive from La Grande, Oregon to Portland to pick someone up from the airport. I took along my Grandfather’s vintageĀ Olympus Pen F Half-Frame camera (on standard 35mm film, it took only half the frame so that you could take 2 photographs on one frame and get these double prints)…

Mount Hood on sepia 35mm film.
Mount Hood on sepia 35mm film.

The short version: Forest fires turned the normally 4-hour drive into an over 8-hour adventure. We had to take a small Highway around Mount Hood, driving with detour traffic. It was a gorgeous summer day despite the smoke and danger.

I had to stop to snap a few photographs of the mountain in the beautiful evening sunshine, and the trees growing alongside the road on the mountainside.

My sister was reading the Little House on the Pairie series, and read an entire book to me while we drove. It remains one of my favorite memories.

p.s. I sold the camera on Ebay later that summer to someone in Japan. Sometimes, I wish I had not done so.