Dressed Like A Mama

Feb 14, 2011

Several months ago my cousin told me, “You’re not dressed like a Mom.” I asked him how I was dressed, and he said, “Like someone kinda young, like in their early twenties.” This is funny because he is 21 and I’m 28.  For reference, I was wearing dark pink leggings, a jean skirt, a black […]

Looking Up

Feb 7, 2011

The month of January has dealt me a personal blow for the past three consecutive years.  Going through my photos from 2010 is like looking at an intimate journal of my life. Photography has become a creative outlet that has always provided immediate gratification and a focus on the delights of the every day details.  […]

Giving Back

Jan 30, 2011

We love books, both my husband, myself and our two kids.  While we have different tastes, my husband and I do share a love for books about business, and lifestyle design.  After reading Chris Guillebeu‘s book, The Art of Non-Conformity, in September, I felt inspired.  The message of his book is simple: Live the life […]