The best Birthday present and going Gluten free!

Aug 30, 2011

Thank you all, Dear Readers, for staying around for my blog-photo-show! It was such fun to pick each one out and see which ones you liked the most. I’ve enjoyed turning 29. There’s been a lot of new life lessons thrown at me the past 29 days. Before I share the biggest one, I have […]

A Spontaneous Raspberry Picking and Making Granola: Reviews

Jul 28, 2011

Last weekend we went camping. My husband’s folks, brother and sister-in law joined us in the North Cascades. I successfully tested my home-made marshmallows on them (thumbs up all around). To my delight our trip took us right by  The Cascadian Farm (regionally local company selling berries, granola and jam). I love their jam and […]

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Surviving Sun Burns and Bug Bites Naturally

Jul 25, 2011

I get bug bites very summer. Ever since I was a little girl, if I went camping or spent time petting a dog or cat, I’d get at least 3 bites. Often many more than that. At one point I had a pet cat, and got so bit up (dozens and dozens) that my mom […]

A SWAT team in my back yard

Jul 18, 2011

Friday was a special day. My husband was taking a half day for work to spend the morning with the kids and I as we were going to ride the infamous, Thomas Train! We bought tickets to the special event as a gift for our son’s 5th Birthday. Since we had about an hours drive […]

Picky Eater Solutions: Kids and Vegetables

Jul 6, 2011

Yesterday our family met Elizabeth Pantley of the “No-Cry” Parenting Books. She’s working on a new book called, “The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution,” and needed families who were wiling to try her methods and be interviewed about them. So, we got an advance section of the book to try out for 4-6 weeks. She came […]

Top 3 Wedding Photography Tips

Jul 2, 2011

Our family attended a wedding on Holmes Beach in Florida last week. My older brother (a.k.a. Cousin) married his sweetheart. As chance would have it, their professional photographer had to cancel at the last-minute.  I used to be a Wedding Photographer and honestly adore capturing the joy and excitement of a couple’s special day. My […]

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Dear Fathers

Jun 18, 2011

When I go shopping for a Father’s Day card for my dad, I never go for the mush, long lovey-dovey stuff. But, glancing at all the variety of cards prompts me to think about what my Father means to me. My parents divorced before I could even remember having my Dad home to wake me […]

On The Day You Were Born: A Letter to Cooper

Jun 16, 2011

Dear Cooper, You are now 5 years old. Your questions about life have become more complex. You love to hear about the day you were born. I have told you about the who, what, where and how things happened to welcome you into the world. What I haven’t told you, you are not yet ready […]

Seven Things You Should Never Say to a Home Maker

Jun 12, 2011

I might be preaching to the choir as many of you, dear readers, are Home Makers. But hopefully, Google will direct the uninformed here when they type, “How to talk to a Home Maker” in the search field. Here is a simple list for those of you who can’t imagine staying at home. I don’t […]

Show and Tell: I finished a Bunk Bed, failed a new muffin recipe and witnessed a case of stage fright.

May 23, 2011

I had a busy week. Instead of neatly showing off each thing, post by post and laying out the process or delving into the details I found to be most amusing or baffling, I’m trying something new today. A photo-journal of sorts… I built bunk beds! After a month of working on bunk beds, they […]