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The best Birthday present and going Gluten free!

Thank you all, Dear Readers, for staying around for my blog-photo-show! It was such fun to pick each one out and see which ones you liked the most. I’ve enjoyed turning 29. There’s been a lot of new life lessons thrown at me the past 29 days.

Token sun burst kiss on my birthday.

Before I share the biggest one, I have a to share this:

On my 29th Birthday, our daughter pooped on the toilet for the first time!  Some of you may not understand the magnitude of this. I felt like dancing. One year ago, I was still giving her 5 different supplements, journaling every thing she ate, and marking the calendar for every poop. She had been struggling with constipation for over half her life. At that point, she was over two, and I didn’t know if we’d ever get her toilet trained when pooping was such a hard experience for her. She’d spend over 30 minutes grunting, and sweating, and finally pooping. It was always hard, and happened 2-3 times a week. That was a huge improvement. For the full story, you can read the post, Constipation: Why we changed how we eat.

I want to simply share my sheer delight that by working consistently and making my little girl eat her veggies, she’s reached this developmental milestone without tears. We’ve changed more than just her veggie intake, but the over-arching change is in looking at food as an important tool to our health. While our daughter can’t seem to handle digesting many animal protein rich foods, her brother can. But, we’ve just started to figure out that he can’t tolerate gluten or eggs.

A gift from my son.

New Challenge: I want to learn how to eat without gluten. I can do without eggs, and I’ve dabbled in using a variety of grains while baking. But, when I learned that our boy couldn’t have gluten for at least 4 weeks, I was totally overwhelmed. You’d think that with the success we’ve had changing our daughter’s diet, I’d be all calm and confident. No. I felt unequipped. I wanted to know this stuff now.  Instead, I went shopping. I had to face the fact that a busy week volunteering for a community event, and getting ready to leave for a road trip, meant that I didn’t have time to experiment in the kitchen. I felt a little guilty going to buy things I’d learned to make from scratch: Bread, crackers, pancake mix, etc.

I scoured the local Co-op, and found enough things to get our son started on his new diet. I went to a huge, high priced market that has an entire gluten free-aisle! As I stood there scanning everything, an employee kindly handed me a 10 page guide to all their gluten free products. While I thanked him, explaining I was new to this, a lady nearby approached to offer advice. It was like an angel had been sent to cheer me up . Seriously. She has Celiac, and has been eating Gluten free for 2 years. With a 5 year old of her own, she provided the exact advice I needed: what crackers are tasty, best flour mixes, advice on egg substitute methods (she favors using flax with water, I’ve succeeded using Vinegar or Lemon Juice). After our conversation, I felt like giving her a hug. Instead, I gushed thanking her with a huge smile.

My plea to Friends also provided a wonderful cookbook and recipe suggestions. I’m eager to share what’s passed our taste testing. But, for now, I wanted to share my latest challenge and joy.

Have you gone Gluten Free? If so, what are your favorite recipes? Favorite blogs?

I love, and just discovered Simply Sugar and Gluten Free.