Capturing Beauty in People

Something funny happens when you point a camera at someone and say, smile! They become self conscious, fiddle with their hair, and worry about how they look. I know, because I’m guilty of this myself.

In my photography, I love capturing a person in a photojournalistic style – the natural smile unhindered by thoughts about how they look. This is a wonderful natural skill I have, but means I don’t always know how to coax it out of a person in a portrait setting. So, I decided to take a class to grow. Last month, I enjoyed Sue Bryce’s 28 Days course – yes, 28 days of lessons! Her work is stunning, and if you haven’t heard about her, you should take a look.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing 6 “Glamour Portrait” sessions and love the progress I’m seeing in my work. It’s exciting to see a person’s beauty light up. It’s like when I position a Tulip for a photograph in sunlight on my table for a Fine Art Photograph. Seeing that composition come together is like watching magic. It’s beauty at it’s fullest. And, so now I’m learning to do that with people.

ModGlamPortraits_Holliwithani 2


GlamTwirlbyHolliWithAnI (1)


When I tell my friends and family I’m growing my business to include Glamour Portraits, they don’t know what that means. Some think Boudoir some think 1980’s big hair and smokey eyes. What I’ve decided to say now is that I do Modern Beauty Portraits. Like a portrait, but a focus on capturing a person’s true beauty!

This new skill is so much fun to practice. I find myself happy for the rest of the day after a photo shoot. The first day I did one, my husband came home from work and asked me what happened. I was notably joyful cooking dinner and cleaning up after the kids. I told him I think it’s because I felt like I had played dress up with girlfriends for a couple hours during that first Beauty Portrait session.

Would you like a Beauty Portrait? If so, I’m looking for 2 ladies to model for me outside. I’m not looking for Models, but real women who will let me capture their beauty.  I’d love to photograph someone in the park using my new beauty pose skills. Now that the weather is nice, it’s time to keep growing my photography skills: email me if you’re willing to model for an hour in June or July – photoholli at gmail dot com

Thanks for watching me grow,