Birthday Wish

Seeds of wishes

I wanted to celebrate August, the month of my birth, with a photography show in a local coffee shop. But, I booked a show for January 2011 instead (it was the nearest date open) and decided that was a good thing. The past 4 years have brought me a January full of loss in one form or another. I am looking forward to a positive thing on my calendar to start 2012 off with the potential for fun. And, I’m going to fulfill my own wish.

This blog will host my own show – 29 Happy Things.  For 29 days, I’ll post one of my favorite photos, not in any particular order. These will be ones I’ve taken in the past year. And, yes, if you had to ask, I’m turning 29:)

Thank you, Dear Readers, for commenting, encouraging and helping me find an avenue for sharing what I’m learning and my passion for making things from scratch. I’m going to use the month to grow my blog into something more useful (working on a site where you can easily find recipes, links, resources, etc.) And, I’m going to start September off with a class on Food Photography by the lovely Not Without Salt blogger, Ashley. Her photos make me salivate. My photos just manage to give you the idea of how good things taste. I’m really a better people photographer, but I’m sure I can learn to expand my skills to food.

So, please enjoy the show, and stay tuned for something new!

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