Alki Art Fair Sneak Peeks!

I have so much fun getting ready for an art fair, ordering new prints, and having them arrive from the printer feels like Christmas!

This year, I have even more florals, and have added some whimsey to my work – from Gnomes to Robotany (Transformers in the garden). And, I have expanded my love of all things in nature to include the Maple Tree, and trees in general. I love the life cycle they go through each season: growing from bare branches to lush leaves. Here are a just a few sneak peeks – last two captured with my phone (not an iPhone, pardon the low image quality):

From my Robotany series, this is a limited edition, hand mounted print on wood.
Just got these unwrapped from Plywerk – prints on Bamboo and Maple – my Garden Fresh trio!
Pink Dogwood 4×4 wood mounted print – such a sweet image of beauty!