2 Easy Ways To Take Better Mother’s Day Photos!

I love Mothers Day. I know it seems like a Hallmark holiday, but really, it’s a good excuse to stop and thank our mothers. And, I have a couple easy tips to make the most of your events full of snap shots…

1. Look At The Light

If you’re snapping photos in the sunshine outside, keep the sun at your back. This will eliminate harsh shadows and prevent such squinty eyes that you can’t see them anymore!

photo (4) photo (3)














2. Eye Level

If you want to avoid the double chin that happens to the best of us, keep the camera pointed at eye level. The only exception to this is children, the model thin folks, or people who want to look taller than they really are. For example, I shot this of my daughter aiming at her belly button. She looks taller and bigger than she really is. And, if you look closely, she’s got a tiny double chin going on, which in my mind adds to her cuteness;)


I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your Mother whether you see her on Mother’s Day or not!



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