Mother + Daughter: Beauty Portraits

Vera is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is a mother, business owner and community leader. Her nursery is an amazing space where my kids never want to leave, it’s a wonderland. So, I was looking forward to photographing Vera and her daughter in the nursery surrounded by flora and spring colors.

Sadly, being a true Spring day in Seattle, I arrived for our portrait session in the pouring rain. Instead of waiting it out and losing our time, I asked if I could do the portraits indoors. Vera’s home is also full of plants and reflects Johanna’s love of music. I quickly found a couple of spots in the living room where the natural light was just right. Their turquoise upright piano was a true gem for a back drop. Vera was excited to do the portrait session as a birthday present to herself. Her daughter Johanna clearly shines a beauty like her mother: strong and pure. This is what I did my best to show in each photograph.

MDPortraitsbyHolliMargell 6

MDPortraitsbyHolliMargell 1

MDPortraitsbyHolliMargell 4

In some ways, I think that rainy day helped capture a more intimate portrait session in the home. And, it helped me remember that no matter what the weather decides to do, we can always find a space to capture beauty.